Meer Foundation has a dream. Some may call it a pipe dream but turning this dream into a reality is what Meer Foundation works for. One day the poor people of Bangladesh will no longer be poor. A time will come when underdeveloped regions will suffer from less poverty. People in rural areas will be educated. Development will expand and reach all corners of the country. Each locality, each village, each district will be self-sufficient. Children will reach education as they do in cities. Old people will receive the medical attention they need. The workforce will be up and running allowing everyone to provide for their families. Small business will succeed. A healthy economy will exist. From every person to every village to every district, prosperity will bloom. Bangladesh will no longer remain a third world country. Bangladesh will no longer need us to help them. They will be as established as a nation needs to be to ensure a bright future for the upcoming generations.

To make this a reality Bangladesh requires a lot of assistance. The poor need guidance and opportunities to start moving forward. Meer Foundation’s mission is to create these opportunities, to provide that pathway for them to advance, to help them when they fall. Meer Foundation is an empowerment for the future, not a temporary stand for the present.