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Bangladesh is a country prone to natural calamity with disasters like floods and tornadoes being prevalent. Up to 3 million people are affected by devastating floods every year. Losing everything they have and falling vulnerable to illnesses these defenseless victims have no one to turn to.

A report as recent as 27 July, 2019 stated that 28 districts have been flooded in the month of July alone. To provide a helping hand to atleast some of these people in need, our partnering organization Basmah Foundation has provided emergency flood relief to the victims of Gaibandha district in North Bengal for 5 days straight. Including necessities like healthy food and clean water Meer Foundation has distributed provisions to countless families and made a huge difference in these five days. However, this is not the end.

More than 500 acres of harvest have been washed away by the rampant waters stripping local farmers of all their hope and hard work. To become a beacon of hope for these farmers and bring back their purpose of life, together with Basmah foundation we have embarked on a project that will distribute nut seeds and provide necessary cultivation aid to more than 600 farmers affected in Shushua char, Bhuapur, Tangail district in Bangladesh. By sponsoring this project, we are also making a huge improvement in the area as the cultivation leads to new harvests. To do this, we need your assistance. Your generosity can make it possible for us to bring back happiness and fulfillment in the lives of these flood affected people.