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Children are the future, and knowledge is power.

The high unemployment rate in Bangladesh further perpetuates a poor economy, which also robs children of the opportunity to make a living. We provide the youth with the opportunity to be trained in areas such as basic education, typing and design. Education paves the way to a brighter future for these children, and with our programs they will have the ability to be employed in a more established career where they can begin their lives smoothly and support their families financially.

In collaboration with Basmah Foundation we established 6 children learning centers in which are spread out through the Rohingya refugee camps which provides a safe place for kids to learn and grow. The center strives to provide them with the skills needed for them to obtain a successful life. Every day more than 750 students are learning in our centers. We have around five teachers in every center who are teaching these children. We provide free books, free snacks, school dress and bags, sports goods etc. The center organizes classes five days a week.

Keep checking our website for updates on our efforts in the region: