Qurbani Meat Distribution


Sharing meat, as part of the Qurbani* tradition encouraged by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), is one of the greatest blessings one can bestow on a family in need.

Many struggling families in Bangladesh can’t afford meat except a few times a year. This means thousands of individuals go without the proper nutrition and diet that many take for granted today. Our organization reaches out to these families by giving them free portions of meat regularly to feed an entire family.

Through a $700 donation, a cow can be shared across 100 families. Our meat is 100% halal certified and locally sourced, providing the lawful and best quality meat for these families.

Qurbani requirements state that 1/7th parts of a bull or cow is necessary for Eid ul Adha donations.

Last year (2017) we distributed meat from the slaughtering of three bulls. Keep checking our website for updates on our efforts in the region: