Rohingya Refugees


The Meer foundation provides medical care for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. The Rohingya Muslims of Burma (Myanmar) are considered one of the most persecuted groups of people in the world. Nearly one million of them have fled to Bangladesh as refugees because of the ethnic cleansing occurring in the country. These refugees do not have access to medical care, constant food supply, or shelter.

On a monthly basis we facilitate medical aid to children and adults in the camps. With enough resources we could also feed and offer temporary shelters for these individuals.We provide regular relief to them and aim to be able to provide for all their needs.

The Meer Foundation has built and currently maintains five Masajid (Mosques) and one School within the refugee camps at Cox’s Bazaar Bangladesh. Meer foundation provides the salaries for Imams, teachers and community leaders at each of these Masajid. At these Masajid teachers we hire educate children and adults in Burmese, English and Quran memorization. Other projects we have implemented to aid refugees include the distribution of blankets, food, mosquito nets, cooking pots, winter jackets and cash Takka. We have also installed tube well pumps to provide water to refugees within the camp. The Meer Foundation focuses its efforts on the families served by these masajid with each of them serving well over one hundred families on average. With the grace of Allah (SWT) Meer Foundation hopes to expand our efforts in the region. Two projects we hope to implement next are rebuilding the families’ temporary homes before the monsoon season and distributing enough food for Iftari and Suhoor for the month of Ramadan. We need your help in order to continue these efforts, please open your hearts to bring smiles and donate now.

Keep checking our website for updates on our efforts in the region: